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    There has been a growing numbers of reports from all over the world about people having encounters with black-eyed children. Who are these Black eyed children, and where did they come from?  One things for sure, you don’t want to invite them in.

    Yesterday I was watching a TV show that had a very interesting piece on blacked eyed children, of course I had to investigate further. I had heard about this a long time ago, but didn’t think about it until I saw the show. The show was about a man who had an encounter with 2 of them in 1998. I felt a little shiver go up my back, and goose bumps all over. So prepare yourself for what I’m going to tell you. There is something spooky about evil children, and I want to warn you, this subject is not for the lighthearted. Beware of the black-eyed  children.

    Most of the stories I have read about the black-eyed children happened recently, but there are stories that have gone far back in history. However, due to the internet, the stories have become more available, and more frequent. As a matter of fact, there are now hundreds of new cases happening all the time. All of the stories seem to have common experiences about them, and how the children appear to the people who encounter them. The children usually come out of nowhere, during the early afternoon to the early evening, is most common. Their skin seems very pale with no blemishes on them. There are a lot of reports that say their clothing looks homemade or Amish. Their eyes are all black, and when they speak it’s in a cold, monotone voice. They are known to repeat themselves, and always ask for an invite.  The children are more commonly male then female, and only one or two at a time show up. The people who most frequently have run ins with them are people in authority, although, there have been others not in authority that have seen them. It’s also been said that their movements are awkward like, almost like they don’t belong in that body. Remember, these black-eyed children show up innocent and become aggressive if you don’t comply. All have gotten a sense of terror after an encounter with them.

    The story I was watching was of a reporter named Brian Bethel. He had been sitting in his car when two children approached his vehicle. Upon seeing them, he partially rolled down his window, and asked what they wanted. The children said they were there to see a movie, but didn’t have any money to get in, and they were trying to get home. They asked the reporter to let them in his car so they could get a ride home. They had repeated themselves a couple of times, and the reporter reached down to grab the handle, in an almost trance like state. Just then, he snapped out of it, and realized there was something not quite right about these children. As he peered into the darkness, the children became more persistent in letting them enter he vehicle. Something inside of the reporter told him not to let them in. That’s when he noticed their eyes. Their eyes were black, as dark night, with no white in the eyes at all. The reporter became terrified at the realization of what he was looking at. Something evil. The black-eyed children became filled with anger, and acted in an even more aggressive way, trying to get the reporter to let them in. Drive away is all he could think about, and so he did just that.

    There is a lot of speculation as to what these black-eyed children are. Some call them aliens, or half-breed aliens. Some think there is a more sinister probability of them being demons, or vampires. There is also speculation of them being some kind of spirit beings called Djjin’s, which are supposed to be a race that were banned from the earth realm, or even inter-dimensional beings of an evil nature.  All could make sense, because they seem to have traits from all of these types of paranormal beings. For example:

    1. Vampires and demons need an invite before they enter your person or your home.
    2. Their movements are alien like, sort of stiff and awkward. They almost seemed like the alien in ”Men In Black”, Like they don’t feel comfortable in their bodies.
    3. They also have some traits of spirit possession, maybe of something like a Djjin or spirit trying to gain entry back into this world.

    No matter what they are, I think it’s safe to say, don’t let the black-eyed children into your home or car. There is no real proof as to what their presence means. However, It’s evil, pure evil, and you could lose your life. Be safe!

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